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GoFlex Marketing Automation Benefits

Maximize Return
Enhance Effectiveness
Increase Efficiency
Maximize Return

Maximize Return

Detailed Analytics: Detailed reporting will help you decide what channels and messages are working and which should be cut. Focusing on the winners will drive higher returns.

Personalized Content: The more connected a target is to the message, the more engagement that piece will encourage. Engaged prospects are more likely to purchase.

Lead Nurturing: MA allows for constant nurturing of a potential client throughout the sales process. A well nurtured prospect has an improved likelihood of closing, raising the ROI across the board.

Enhance Effectiveness

Enhance Effectiveness

Relevant Content: Only send your contacts the information they’re interested in. This reduces the chance of unsubscribes and ignored messages.

Constant Communication: Stay in touch with your prospects and clients on a consistent, steady schedule. Staying in front of them helps ensure they’ll think of you when they’re ready to commit.

No Missed Opportunities: Don’t miss a sales opportunity from being silent when your lead is interested. Scheduled messaging keeps you in touch when you’re otherwise busy or away.

Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Automated Follow Up: The most noticeable increase in efficiency from Marketing Automation comes from its ability to automatically contact and respond to your prospects and clients.

Audience Segmentation: Efficiency is enhanced through a careful segmentation of your target audience. This allows the best message to be sent across the right channel for each buyer persona in your market.

Prioritized Targeting: By prioritizing your leads, you spend the most resources on those most likely to turn into customers. Why spend marketing dollars on someone who has never opened an email?



Scheduled Messaging: Scheduled and automated outreach allows you to maximize time by working on your marketing in dedicated blocks. This hyper-efficient use of time results in money saved.

Nurture Beyond Conversion: The systems developed for MA can (and should) be used to segment and nurture existing customers as well. This leads to lowering the cost of maintaining happy customers.

Saved Time: You can achieve the same sales and marketing results with a smaller team or fewer hours with good marketing automation. This allows you to do more marketing or save money.

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“The team did an absolutely stellar job on my company’s web redesign. From the initial vision to the final delivery, the process was smooth, professional and efficient. 

Monika Pollick
Director of Client Success, Moven


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